Gesture Experience

By simply waving their hand, shoppers can control the entire display experience. By re-thinking how a shopper can interact with products, we have created a touch free option that integrates hand gestures as a new command language. To draw users in, the experience features a responsive illumination tool that gets brighter as users approach the gesture sensor. Users can lower their hand over the sensor to activate, left to right to raise or lower volume, or front to back to change tracks. 4Catering to the modern day shopper, this experience eliminates concern about touching public surfaces, while still providing an interactive retail experience.

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Hands-Free Technology

The motion experience gives the shoppers the opportunity to learn about products without the need to touch the display surface.

Safe Retail

To adapt to an evolving retail landscape, users can avoid touching public surfaces by simply waving their hand to trigger any interaction.


Motion experience gestures can be customized and modified during the display development.


Outform’s interactive collection is comprised of a variety of Outform Standard Modules (OSM) which communicate by way of ODC protocol. ODC protocol enables a dynamic eco-system by which multiple OSMs can interact and trigger relevant experiences.

Demo Brief Case

Check out Interactive Collection brief case, which features the Interactive Collection sensors and shows off how they work with each experience. Click "Play Video" to watch.


Outform Interactive Editor gives you the tools to create your own experiences with ease using Control Center configuration

Wow Effect

Surprise shoppers by detecting their movements.


By combining this experience with different sensors and triggers, this experience can support a combination of user interactions such as touch, voice, motion, and many more.