Lift & Learn

With Lift & Learn, we considered how shoppers naturally interact with products. In this case, picking up the product adds a new layer of interaction to the shopper’s journey. By lifting merchandise, users trigger on-screen information to display relevant content about the product they are holding. Product information can be customized to emphasize any key features such as price, size, contents, similar products, etc. The experience also creates opportunities to gain additional shopper engagement metrics by capturing relevant data such as popular merchandise.

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4 Tag Simultaneous Detection

The RFID reader can recognize up to four items lifted at the same time. This feature allows for multiple users to engage with the experience at once, and also facilitates product comparison.

Compatible with Most Surfaces

Our state of the art RFID module was built to broadcast through the most commonly used materials and surfaces (with the exception of metallic materials).

Available in 3 Sizes

Our RFID Receivers make adding, removing, and rearranging product displays easier than ever before. To meet the changing requirements of dynamic displays, Lift and Learn is available is 3 standard sizes: 100 x 100mm, 60 x 60mm and 25 x 25mm.


Outform’s interactive collection is comprised of a variety of Outform Standard Modules (OSM) which communicate by way of ODC protocol. ODC protocol enables a dynamic eco-system by which multiple OSMs can interact and trigger relevant experiences.

RFID Controller + 4 Antennas

The RFID Kit with 4 antennas allows for 4 products to be lifted and placed at the same time. Click "Play Video" to watch the tutorial.

Lift & Learn with Magnet Sensor

By creating the lift & learn experience with magnet sensors, retailers can highlight an individual product without using RFID tags or sensors. Click "Play Video" to watch the tutorial.

Demo Brief Case

Check out Interactive Collection brief case, which features the Interactive Collection sensors and shows off how they work with each experience. Click "Play Video" to watch.


By combining this experience with different sensors and triggers, this experience can support a combination of user interactions such as touch, voice, motion, and many more.

Lift & Learn

Simply pick up a product (tagged with a corresponding RFID tag) to trigger a wide range of responses.


The system supports up to 1000 tag ID's.

Responsive Product Recognition

Because the product is tagged with a specific RFID tag, the product can be lifted and placed on any pedestal and will be correctly recognized.