Voice Experience

As shoppers become more accustomed to voice commands in everyday life, this experience seamlessly integrates voice commands into the retail environment. The Voice Experience replaces touch interaction with customizable wake words, and commands that allow shoppers to verbally engage with the display, even when offline. The offline voice experience can be programmed to host custom pre-recorded commands like “play the video,” or “turn up the volume,” to deliver a defined story, according to the shoppers’ needs.

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Secured Offline Solution

At Outform, we understand that internet connection can be a challenge in the retail space. To that end, we developed the offline voice solution to deliver a pre-recorded experience that does not require internet connection.


Periodic updates are key in keeping shoppers engaged and excited about your product. For this reason, we designed the Voice Experience to be adaptable to simple upgrades and experience developments.

We Recommend

Combine the Voice Experience with the Light Controller Module to create the ultimate dynamic retail experience.

Demo Briefcase

Check out Interactive Collection brief case, which features the Interactive Collection sensors and shows off how they work with each experience. Click "Play Video" to watch.

Voice Capture

Designed to screen out ambient noises and secondary voices in the retail environment, the Voice Experience is equipped with a dual channel microphone array with noise cancellation.


By combining this experience with different sensors and triggers, this experience can support a combination of user interactions such as touch, voice, motion, and many more.


Outform Interactive Editor gives you the tools to create your own experiences with ease using Control Center Configuration.